Product Showcase: Build Inclusive Digital Experiences with Crownpeak Digital Accessibility and Quality

April 18, 2024
It’s difficult to always hit the mark for every audience you serve, but one’s thing for sure - you don’t want to miss the one billion people living with a disability globally. The good news is, by improving the accessibility of your website, you not only expand your reach but also upgrade compliance, brush up SEO and drive brand trust.

Crownpeak Digital Accessibility and Quality can integrate into your existing Crownpeak CMS, or work alongside your current CMS, to upgrade the quality, compliance and performance of your digital assets before you hit publish. This means you can find and eliminate issues with your content before you sprawl it widely across your site.

Join us in an exclusive Product Showcase session where we’ll dive into Digital Accessibility and Quality. Learn how it can protect you against legal action, improve your website performance and help you build inclusive digital experiences.

We’ll show you how to:
- Check for accessibility issues
- Identify SEO errors and optimization tactics
- Scan multi-pages and multi-sites for regulatory standards with one click
- Ensure brand standards (think fonts, style guides, etc) are consistent
- Block publishing of any content if the above quality checks are not met